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What are eBay seller fees?

eBay seller fees are simply the costs that you as an individual seller or a business seller incur for using eBay for listing and selling your items. This means that whenever you list the items or make a sale, you will pay seller fees to eBay. Although the types of eBay fees remain constant across eBay marketplaces, it is important to know that the charges vary depending on various factors such as category, final sale value, etc. 

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Importance of eBay seller fees

As a seller, it is crucial to understand eBay selling fees since these play a very important role when you decide your pricing strategy to list items on eBay. As mentioned above, the fees you pay for your listings or for sales on eBay is dependent on several factors such as the type of item you’re selling, the listing options you choose, your item sale cost, quantity sold, additional features chosen, subscriptions availed, etc. It is always a good practice to review eBay’s fee structure regularly, as it can change over time and to consider how these fees will impact your profitability when selling on eBay.

Overview of eBay fees and charges

eBay fees are of two types:


There are two types of mandatory fees:

1a. Insertion fees   

1b. Final Value Fees

1a. Insertion Fees

When you create a listing, eBay charges an insertion fee.  Every month you get 250 zero insertion fee listings on (the eBay US site). 

Insertion fees:

  • Vary depending on the eBay site you choose, listing format and product category
  • Apply to both fixed-price and auction-style listings
  • Are non-refundable even if your item doesn’t sell
  • Are charged per listing and per category. So, if you list your item in two categories, you’ll pay an insertion fee for the second category too
  • Are charged both for the original listing and each time you relist your item
  • Are charged per listing if you create duplicate auction-style listings for similar items
  • Are charged only once per listing for listings with multiple items
  • For most of the categories, the insertion fee on site is usd$ 0.35 per listing

Learn more about our fee policies for our sites in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, and Spain:

United States | United Kingdom | Australia | Germany | Canada | France | Italy | Spain

1b. Final Value Fees (commission on sales)

eBay charges you a final value fee when your items sells.

This fee is usually paid at the end of the transaction and is calculated as a percentage of the total amount of the sale. The total amount of the sale includes the item price, shipping service selected by the buyer, sales tax, any other applicable fees plus fixed fee of USD $0.30 per order. Also, note an international fee and currency conversion charges may apply depending on your eBay registered  address. 

The final value fee is charged, even if the buyer does not make payment. If you don’t receive payment, you can either cancel the sale or report the sale as being unpaid to be eligible for credit of the variable portion of the final value fee.

For most categories, sellers will pay a 10% to 12.55% final value fee depending on the relevant category or product.

Additional final value fees are applicable if you violate our policy of buying or selling outside of eBay or you did not meet our seller performance standards.

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Optional fees are charged when you choose any of the optional features or services for listings on eBay.
The fees would include (not limited to):

2a. Optional listing upgrades

2b. eBay Stores fees

2c. Promoted listing fees 

2a. Optional listing upgrades

When you choose upgrades to your listing, eBay charges you an additional fee. 

Optional upgrades help your listings to stand out. You’ll pay a fee for these, regardless of whether your item sells. 

Optional listing upgrades include:

  • Listing in a second category 
  • Subtitle beneath your listing’s title 
  • Buy it now added to an auction in some categories
  • Schedule listings to start and end at a future date and time

2b. eBay Stores fees

We offer different levels of store subscription. All eBay Store levels provide access to powerful promotional tools and insights to grow your business. 

When you have an eBay Store subscription, you get more listings with zero insertion fees and pay lower final value fees, compared to selling without an eBay Store. 

eBay offers different Store packages starting from Starter, Basic, Premium, Anchor and Enterprise. You can choose the Store package on the basis of your business requirement. 

2c. Promoted Listing fees

If you choose to promote your listing, you’ll pay a fee (a percentage of the sale price) when a customer clicks or taps on your ad and then buys the item within 30 days. You’ll only be charged for the ad if your item sells. You choose an ad rate between 1% – 100% of the item’s sale price and ad fee is calculated on sale price excluding any shipping charges and taxes. Promoted Listings is only available to Above Standard and Top Rated sellers with recent sales activity.

Paying your fees

With eBay managing payments, your selling fees and other charges are deducted automatically from your available funds before they are paid out to you. This means that you do not have to worry about missing any seller invoice payment and incurring late payment charges. 

There is no monthly billing invoice which would need to be paid, however your invoice will be issued for services rendered and will includes all applicable seller fees and other costs.

Every month, you’ll receive an email to let you know your invoice is available to download. 

We make it easy for you to keep a track of your eBay fees. You will find a detailed breakdown of your payouts, including all related fees and expenses, in the Reports section of Seller Hub or the Seller Dashboard section of My eBay.  

Your invoice will show the following fees (although not limited to):

Insertion fees

Final value fees

Promoted Listing fees

Advanced listing upgrade fees

Discounts and refunds


Tips for reducing eBay seller fees

Avoiding eBay fees is not allowed, whether intentional or not. Sellers attempting to avoid eBay fees create risk for themselves and a poor experience for buyers. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you operate within eBay’s fee guidelines. However, here are some strategies that can help you to reduce your eBay fees while ensuring that you maintain a legitimate and successful seller account:


Ensure that you utilize the free listings that are given every month by eBay. Did you know that you get  250 Zero Insertion Fee listings on (the eBay US site)?   


Opt for an eBay Store subscription that gives you more listings with Zero Insertion Fees along with lower Final Value fees, compared to selling without an eBay Store.


Keep your account in good standing to avoid higher Final Value fees


Work towards achieving an eBay Top Rated Seller status to be eligible for additional free listings and Final Value fee discounts.


Take advantage of the eBay promotions (visible in your Seller Hub -> Overview Tab) which offer you reduced insertion fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining the eBay selling fees such as the category you are listing in, listing duration and format, listing options and features selected to enhance visibility, sale price, quantity sold, subscriptions, etc. 

eBay sellers are charged an insertion fee for their listings on eBay and a Final Value fee for a sale. These are mandatory fees. In case you choose additional features, then you will be charged the optional listing fees. To know more, visit the link here

For queries related to taxes, please connect with a chartered accountant or a tax expert.

eBay fees vary depending on various factors including the eBay marketplace you choose to list your item on. To know more, please visit the link here

Yes, eBay seller fees vary basis the category under which you choose to list your item. To know more, visit the page here.

With eBay managing payment, your fees are automatically deducted from your sales proceeds and you can view the details of your fees in Payments in My eBay or your financial statement in Seller Hub.

Trying to avoid eBay seller fees is not allowed on eBay. However you can follow certain strategies as a seller to lower your eBay selling fees – such as utilizing the available free listings, subscribing to an eBay Store, making use of the available promotions, etc

If there was an issue with an order that you resolved, you may qualify for a credit of some or all of the fees you paid. There are some situations when a buyer is refunded but you won’t be eligible for fee credits. For eg. If a seller cancels the order with the reason as out of stock or damaged he may receive the Final Value Fee credit but not the $0.30 order fee, as eBay stepped in to help with a return or item not received request, and the case was closed with a full or partial refund to the buyer. Click here to know more.