The Importance of Shipping with Tracking

Why should you be shipping with a service that provide online tracking?

As a seller you would agree that anything that cannot be tracked online is as good a lost. And having your item lost means you are not only losing your product but are also losing on your reputation as a seller. The buyer will no longer want to purchase any item from you. 

The biggest drawback with shipping without a proper tracking service is that you will not have any proof that the item was actually shipped and/or was delivered within the listed timelines.

Buyers typically are impatient when they are waiting for an order to be delivered. Once the given timeframe has lapsed, they will go ahead and open up an “Item Not Received” case” and at times will not even wait for a seller to revert. The case might then be escalated to eBay and when eBay intervenes a black mark will be noted on your account. I.e. your account’s performance will be impacted.


How to upload tracking information on eBay

Step 1

Go to My eBay and click on Selling

Step 2

On the Seller Hub, click on Orders then Awaiting Shipment

Step 3

Go to your listing and click on Add Tracking

Step 4

 Input your tracking information.

Tracking Best Practices

Print correct shipping labels

Ensure that the item is packed properly and is shipped to the right address as provided by the buyer

Ensure that the tracking details are updated within the handling time and are correct

Let your buyer know where the shipment has reached and by when it is expected to be delivered

Use a logistic service provider that provides end-to-end tracking

Keep track of the shipment status yourself 

Set an Automatic Response in Time Away Settings on eBay