Seller Hub

What is eBay’s Seller Hub?

It’s a one-stop-destination for all your selling activities and is filled with data and information to help you to grow your business.  

Seller Hub enables you to enjoy centralized access to:


How does Seller Hub help you?

Seller Hub helps you to stay on top of your business by helping you to sell smarter in multiple ways, such as:

Manage and grow your business in one convenient location

  • Manage and grow your business in one convenient location
  • Track sales over specified periods
  • Manage upcoming tasks
  • View service metrics and peer benchmarks

Managing listing more effectively with simplified listing management

With Seller Hub’s improved functionality you can: 

  • List easier with a streamlined listing form
  • Add photos directly into the listing form as you edit your listing
  • List variations in a multi-quantity listing
  • Edit live listings one-by-one or in bulk

Providing you with performance metrics to optimize your selling strategy

The new “Performance” tab in Seller Hub gives you detailed sales performance and sales history, including:

  • Selling costs and fees breakdown
  • Daily sales trends
  • Best performing listings
  • Monthly sales
  • Sales by country
  • Page views and buyer traffic

Access to exclusive marketing tools

All of the tools that you get with your eBay Store subscription are accessible in Seller Hub. 

Manage your Store’s marketing activities in the Seller Hub’s “Marketing” tab, making it easier to:

  • Manage your brand by telling buyers who you are and why they should buy from you
  • Launch Promoted Listings Standard to boost your items’ visibility and reach more buyers
  • Create promotions to get your items noticed and sell more items per visit
  • Send offers to buyers who are interested in your items

Overview on the various tabs available in Seller Hub


This is the first tab that opens up under Seller Hub when you login to your eBay account. Here you will see all the selling activity and take action accordingly.

  • The overview tab is a snapshot view of what exactly is happening in your account and actions points that need your attention
  • You also have the option to customize this tab to your preference and the changes would be saved automatically
  • Also, find shortcuts to actions such as “Cancel Bids, End Listing Early, Block Bidders” etc.
  • Get to know about your monthly limits and lets you take advantage of available Promotional Offers

On your first visit to the Overview tab you will see a customization option designed for you to set up the order of elements or remove those that you do not need. Check the boxes with relevant elements to create the most informative dashboard. When you’re ready, click the “I’m done” button below or the “Stop customizing” link above. You can return at any time to the setting process by clicking on the Customize button.


This is the first tab that opens up under Seller Hub when you login to your eBay account. Here you will see all the selling activity and take action accordingly.

  • You would see the details of all the orders received along with their current status – under various sections i.e.
  • Awaiting payment
  • Awaiting shipment
  • Paid & Shipped
  • Cancellations
  • Returns
  • Cases opened under Resolution Center
  • You can also view the option to “Print Shipping Labels”

This tab allows you to take several actions such as leave feedback, update shipment details, contact buyer, open unpaid item case etc.


Everything that you need to do for an active or ended listing, you will find it here. Here’s what you can do:

  • Create new listings
  • Revise listings – single or in bulk
  • Add photos to your listings
  • Save listing templates
  • Set Automation Preferences
  • Update your Business Policies 
  • Receive notifications on Listing Optimization and recommendations  


All the tools that you require to build your brand, attract more buyers and sell more per visit are available under the Marketing tab of Seller Hub. There are several tools such as:

  • Launch Promoted Listings Standard to boost your item visibility and to reach more buyers
  • Create promotions and markdowns to get your items noticed and sell more items per visit
  • Get insights on your advertising dashboard and spends to strategize the right campaigns that can help you grow your business by increasing sales

Remember some tools are only available to eBay Store subscribers


The Store tab is located between the Marketing and Performance tabs on the Overview page. This tab is now the central place for all eBay Store subscribers to manage and customize their store. This includes:

  • Store categories
  • Store newsletters
  • Subscriptions
  • Store design and features

You can also review your Store traffic stats and get tips on optimizing your Store’s performance.


Go deeper in understanding what is going well and what is not through the Performance Tab. Get a complete detailed analysis on the:

  • Selling costs and fees breakdown
  • Seller level
  • Sales trends by day
  • Best performing listings
  • Monthly sales
  • Sales by country
  • Page views and buyer traffic to your listings

Terapeak Research

In the Research tab you can find Terapeak — an exclusive eBay service for market analysis. It is designed to help you explore market trends and build a stronger sales strategy.  Get access to the following:


The Payments tab in Seller Hub helps you keep track of all the payouts you receive from your eBay transactions. You can access everything you need on eBay: 

  • Consolidated fees
  • Customized reports
  • Refunds and returns
  • Simplified protections 
  • Documentation


Optimize your business with file based (CSV/XLSX) reports & templates. Get detailed information about your business and upload new information in bulk. Through the Reports tab, you can:

  • Utilize file uploads to update your listings and orders quickly.
  • Download reports for audits, insights and work offline at your convenience.
  • Automate your reports and streamline daily activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Hub is free to use.

There are multiple benefits of Seller Hub such as:

  • Manage your listings – You’ll find all of your listing, reporting, and order management functionality here
  • Monitor your business – You can create custom dashboards to track listing activities, sales, costs, traffic data, and more
  • View payouts – You can view previous payouts, find out when you’ll receive your next payout, and check if you’ve any funds on hold
  • Analyze business performance – You’ll receive personalized insights, as well as tips to improve your business

You can start using your Seller Hub right after you’ve created your first listing. Go to and click on the blue button “Start using Seller Hub”.

You can access your account information from Seller Hub by hovering over your name in the top left-hand corner, above the eBay logo, and selecting ‘Account Settings’ from the drop-down menu.