Tracking Your Orders

As a seller it is “best practice” to ensure that the orders you have received are handled quickly and are tracked until delivery to the buyer. This benefits you and enables your buyer to have a pleasant shopping experience. Importantly if you are tracking the shipped item yourself, you will know what is happening with the shipment and so you are best placed to react to any unforeseen issues.

Did you know – Having a tracking service when the shipments are out protects your account from unwanted buyer escalations. It also helps to reduce buyer issues and manage their expectations.

Top Three Tips for Tracking on eBay

Make sure you correctly specify which postage service you are using on your listings. We won’t measure your tracking performance on items sent with an un-tracked service. 

Upload the tracking number when you send the item. This ensures that you will be automatically protected when a buyer opens an ‘Item not Received’ claim. Note that just that sending the buyer their tracking number in a message will NOT protect you from claims. 

Ensure you’ve entered the correct tracking number. If you’re inputting the tracking number manually, double-check that you’ve put in the correct information to ensure it’s recognized and tracked.


Benefits of Tracking Orders

Happier customers

Account Protection

Accurate Delivery Estimate