Why use eBaymag- eBay

Are you looking at growing your business across the geographical markets of eBay?

Then to do so, you need tools that help in listing and managing sales across international eBay markets! eBaymag is a free tool developed by eBay for eBay sellers that makes this easy for you along with order management and logistics optimization.

Why use eBaymag


Free tool for sellers. No additional subscription required


Recommends listings for replication that have the highest selling probability


Upload listings in bulk using an excel template


Creates a new local listing for each product you sell and automatically translates all the product listing 


Automatically lists your products on eight international eBay marketplaces – USA, Germany, Italy, UK, Canada, France, Spain and Australia

eBaymag Free Listing Promotion Benefits- eBay

Get upto 10000* free listings on 6 markets through a special promo for Indian sellers

eBaymag Free Listing Promotion Benefits

Free listings allocated every month basis below criteria

  • Starter & Basic store subscribers – 1000 Zero Insertion Fee Listings on US, UK, DE & FRITES* 
  • Premium/Featured, Anchor & Enterprise store subscribers – 10000 Zero Insertion Fee Listings on US, UK, DE & FRITES*

Promotion Eligibility Criteria


India registered seller who has a business account which is active and confirmed  


Seller’s performance must be “Above Standard” or “Top Rated” as per the promo T&C


Seller must have a valid store subscription for Anchor / Enterprise / Featured / Premium/ Starter/ Basic


Seller must have a sold history in the last 3 months


Seller with less than 10 live listings will not be eligible


Sellers must have “zero” open drop shipper claims

Please see the terms and conditions for more information → Read More

How to use eBaymag

Any seller can use eBaymag to sell items worldwide

Get started in 3 steps:

Step 1

Click on “Sign in via eBay” on ebaymag.com with your eBay credentials and agree to let eBay share your account data with eBaymag

Step 2

Add listings and manage them easily

Step 3

Ship orders worldwide and make a profit

How to use eBaymag in 3 steps- eBay
Eligibility Criteria for eBaymag- eBay

Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. You can use eBaymag and it’s free for receivers of any subscriptions.

eBaymag allows you to list items in accordance with eBay Rules & Policies and specific rules of the international eBay sites (e.g. ebay.de, ebay.it, etc.) you list items on, which may differ from those of the ebay.com site.

  • Item price no less than $1 (an auction listing should have a Buy It Now price)
  • At least one item available for sale (listings with sold-out items cannot be posted)
  • Fixed shipping cost to the buyer’s country
  • Listing duration set as Good ‘Til Cancelled

You can list items via eBaymag on the following websites: ebay.com (including eBay Motors), ebay.co.uk, ebay.de, ebay.fr, ebay.it, ebay.es, ebay.com.au, ebay.ca.

Upon your registration, eBaymag will immediately recommend you to list certain items on certain sites, based on eBay internal data regarding international site relevance and your sales history. Listing the recommended items can increase your sales by up to 40%.