Best Practices for Shipping

(Avoid Late Shipment)

Product shipping best practices

It’s time that you understand what are the “best practices” that can be implemented to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction

Be realistic when deciding on the handling time.

Update your shipping/tracking information within the handling time.

Always look for a service provider that can provide an acceptance scan.

Get yourself into that habit of providing end-to-end tracking services.

Make sure that the item reaches to your buyer by the Estimated Delivery Date.

Ensure that your shipping costs are  reasonable. Do a proper research on what should be the cost by studying your competitors.

Make sure that a delivery acceptance scan is provided by the logistic carrier, it saves a lot of trouble and helps sustain account performance.

Stay updated on what is happening on the shipment – even before the buyer is updated on the shipment status.

If you know the Estimated Delivery Date will be missed, keep your buyer informed.

Always take care that your items have the necessary insurance to avoid losses.

NOTE: Do everything you can do within your power to avoid a Late Shipment Defect.  Whatever the situation is that led to a late or missing shipment, it’s your responsibility as a seller to make it right!