Multi-Variation and Multi-Quantity listing

Creating listings with Variations

If you have multiple variations of an item, then you can list them using the “Multi Variation” listing style. 

For example – A kurta of the same brand can come in various colours and sizes. Why would you want to waste time in creating multiple listing when all those variations can be offered under one listing?

Best Practice Tip: Do note that Multiple Variation lisitngs are only available under the “Fixed Price Listing” style.

Some of the benefits of creating a multi variation listing

Saves time by creating one listing for many items

Saves money on insertion fees

Manages inventory within the listings

Prices each variation separately

Is a great way to cross sell items.

When creating a multiple variation listing you will have the option to add a maximum of 5 variations and up to 60 values for each of those variations. Maximum you can have up to 250 variations in a single listing for no additional fee!  And you can add 12 photos for each variation – at no additional cost.

For example, if you’re selling handbags, your 5 variation types could be color, size, width, material, and style. Each of those variations can have up to 60 values e.g. 60 different colors, 60 different sizes and so forth.

If you would like to use the “adding variations” option with your listings, you should:

  1. Select the right product category – if the category allows variations, you will see an option to “list with variations”
  2. Select each appliable variation from the options shown or create your own
  3. Add photos Best Practice Tip: We recommend including at least 1 image for each variation
  4. Enter the price and quantity for each variation
Benefits Of Creating A Multi Variation Listing on eBay

Creating multi-quantity listings

Most of the time buyers are looking to buy more than just 1 item. So, if you you forget to add “multiple quantities” to your listing, you might losing out on potential buyers and buys.

Adding multiple quantities does not only help you save time but also saves you from having to pay the multiple insertion fees that you would have to pay when creating separate listings. – With multiple quantities listing you’ll only pay 1 insertion fee for your listing. 

Best Practice Tip: Do note that multiple qantities lisitngs are only available under the “Fixed Price listing” style. 

Once you have selected the Fixed Price listing type, simply enter the quantity of items that will be available to buyers.  You can also decide whether buyers

How to Create Multi-Quantity Listings on eBay

will see exactly what quatity of items you have, or an approximation, e.g. “more than 10…” 

The out-of-stock option lets you keep the listing active even when all of the items are sold. This is ideal if you’re expecting to restock that item soon and you want to keep all of the sales history on the listing.

You can enable the out-of-stock option at My eBay > Account > Site Preferences > Sell Your Item form and listings > Choose Out of stock option

With the out-of-stock option enabled, the listing will remain live even when all of the items are sold, but buyers will not find it via search. You can then edit your listing with the updated quantity once you’ve restocked, and the listing will be accessible via search as before.