Payment Holds

We know it’s important that you receive your money as quickly as possible. However, we may sometimes need to put a hold on your funds due to your selling history or performance, or to address disputes. This helps us keep eBay a safe marketplace for buyers and sellers.

When can you expect to get paid?

The most important thing you can do to get paid faster is to ship the same day your buyer pays and follow good shipping practices. You should encourage your buyers to leave feedback only after they receive the item. This helps us estimate the delivery dates more accurately, and feedback left before the item is received may result in a delay.

Payment holds for established sellers


To help ensure eBay remains a safe place to buy and sell, and to meet our legal and compliance obligations, we sometimes place a hold on funds, for example, if there’s an open case or dispute on a transaction, if your buyer reports a problem with the order, if your account is restricted or suspended, if you owe eBay money, or if you’re a new or infrequent seller. If we placed a hold on your funds, we’ll notify you by email and, depending on the reason, may request additional information from you to help resolve the issue.

Types of holds

There are various reasons why we may place a hold on your funds.

Transaction holds

Transaction holds are when we place a hold on funds related to a particular buyer transaction. The funds on hold may be used to refund the buyer for the same transaction.

While proceeds from your sales typically become available within 2 business days of confirming the buyer’s payment, we may place a transaction hold on funds while we wait to confirm that an item has been successfully delivered to a buyer. To reduce the likelihood of a transaction hold, we recommend shipping an item the same day your buyer pays for it and following good shipping practices, such as adding tracking information to your order.

“If we place a hold on your funds, it will usually be resolved within 30 days. For most orders, adding tracking information can help you receive your funds faster.”

Additionally, we may place a transaction hold on funds depending on your seller status or the category you’re selling in:

New or infrequent sellers will experience transaction holds while we confirm that their items have been successfully delivered. This helps sellers become established and build a strong selling history on eBay. In limited circumstances, new sellers may experience holds for up to 21 days

Previously restricted or suspended sellers will experience transaction holds for the 30 days after the restriction or suspension is lifted, while we confirm that the items have been successfully delivered

High priced items or unusual selling patterns may lead to transaction holds for up to 30 days to help us ensure that buyers don’t have any issues with the order

The authentication process may lead to transaction holds for up to 30 days until the authenticity of items sold with eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee can be confirmed

Dispute or eMBG holds

Dispute or eMBG holds are when we place a hold on funds related to a problem reported by a buyer.

For example, if a buyer reports that an item hasn’t arrived, or the item they received is significantly different from the listing description, we hold funds until the case is resolved and closed. For more information see our article on best practices for avoiding and handling issues with buyers.

The funds on hold may be used to refund the buyer for the same transaction.

Payout holds

Payout holds are when we hold funds payable to a particular seller, and usually require further seller action on the account.

Registration holds

We may hold payouts if we identify a discrepancy with the information you provided at registration. If your account is restricted, we’ll notify you by email with a request for additional information. For more information on how to verify your identity, see our article on registering as a seller.

Compliance holds

eBay maintains policies and procedures to protect buyers and sellers while complying with applicable laws. If your account has a payout hold or restriction for compliance reasons, we’ll notify you by email and may request additional information from you.

Performance holds

We hold your payouts if we identify unusual activity associated with your account, such as increased customer claims, a sudden change in your selling activity, late deliveries, or negative buyer feedback.

Invalid payment method

We may put your payouts on hold if we can’t deduct your selling fees and other costs from any of your on-file payment methods (i.e. the updated credit/debit card information). In this case, you’ll need to add another payment method.

Best practices to ensure faster payments

Maintain a good seller record and strive to achieve the eBay Top Rated Seller and Above Standard Seller level

Offer multiple shipping options, if possible, offer expedited shipping

Be clear on the handling time and adhere to the shipping timelines

Make sure that the logistic partners chosen by you are aligned to the estimated delivery timelines

Upload correct and on time tracking

Stay in contact with your buyer and be proactive in solving issues

Follow the best practices wherever possible to set a high level of customer satisfaction standards and stay protected from unwanted claims and defects

Ensure your eBay account details match with the Payoneer registration information