How to Setup eBay Store

How to setup an eBay Store in just 3 simple steps


Register as an eBay seller

To register as an eBay seller, confirm that your contact information is accurate, provide your KYC information (know your customer) and have a verified Payoneer account.  


Choose your eBay store subscription

Select the subscription level that fits your needs. Choose a Store name, and keep in mind that the name you choose will determine your Store’s web address.


Start enjoying exclusive benefits of your eBay Store

Get the most out of your eBay  Store subscription. Start by designing your Store’s home page, then utilize all the powerful tools to help maximize your sales!

Benefits of having an eBay Store

An eBay Store is a great way to reach your buyers by showcasing all that you are selling under one roof. There are multiple advantages of eBay Store: 

As an eBay Store subscriber, depending on your subscription level, you get more listings with Zero Insertion Fees and pay lower Final Value Fees, compared to selling without an eBay Store. For e.g as a Basic Store subscriber on you get up to 1,000 fixed price + up to 250 auction-style + an additional 10,000 fixed pricing listings in select categories*

    • *Click here for more information on included and excluded categories

Having an eBay Store allows you to divide your items into categories or departments and customize them as you wish. You don’t need to use the standard categories on the eBay site — you can create up to 300 unique eBay Store categories to help organize your listings and display your items to buyers. You can also put items into two store categories at a time at no extra charge.

Through the eBay Store setup you can access various ways that can help you drive buyers to your Store listings such as Store newsletters, your own discount codes for buyers, etc. Plus, it also helps buyers to browse your listings at one place thereby helping them making better purchase decisions.  Did you know the content you add to your Store will help Google and other search engines serve up your items to buyers looking specifically for them?

eBay Store subscription allows you enjoy several benefits that would help you get better visibility, organize your listings and promote your listings so that they reach maximum buyers. Additionally, you can also enjoy free listings along with lower insertion fees that make it much easier to list more products and expand your buyer reach. Custom Store categories enable you to create buyer centric categories and even organize them for easy navigation. Access promotional tools so that you are seen by your buyers and much more.

When you choose a name for your eBay Store, we’ll create a unique website address (URL) for you. Make your eBay Store experience memorable for your buyers with a strong brand presence with your easily recognizable Store name, logo, billboard and description.

eBay Store users can enjoy the benefits of getting access to various promotional tools such as promoted listings to get more visibility for their listings, ability to run sale promotions or offer coupons to their buyers along with access to eBay sales insights via Terapeak Research to help them decide what to sell, when to sell and how much to sell for and much more.


How to set up your eBay Store

Step 1

Select “My eBay” at the top of most eBay pages

Step 2

Hover over the “Account” tab

Step 3

Select the “Subscriptions” link at the bottom of the pop-up menu

Step 4

Under “Available Subscriptions”, choose the eBay Store level that you want and select “Subscribe”

Step 5

On the next screen, you will choose your subscription level

Things to know when setting up your eBay Store name

Your eBay  Store name plays an important role – it is through this name that you create a brand for yourself.

Remember – The name you choose will determine your Store’s website address (or “URL”).

For example, if your Store’s name is “Fine Jewelry”, your Store’s URL will be: “” eBay will take out special characters (apostrophes, spaces, &, !, $, etc.), add hyphens between words, and make all letters lowercase.

It can be your eBay username as long as it meets the requirements above

It must start and end with a letter or number

It can’t start with four or more consecutive letter As

It can’t start with an e or E followed by more than a single number

It can’t contain the following characters: <, >, or @

It can’t be the username of another eBay member

It can’t contain “www” anywhere in the name

It can’t contain two or more consecutive spaces or non-alphanumeric characters

It can’t end with a top-level domain abbreviation used on the internet such as .com,, .net, etc.

It can’t be a name that is identical or confusingly similar to another company’s name which is protected by trademark law. Also, you can’t use a name that contains the word “eBay” or one that is confusingly similar to that name. See our Intellectual property and the VeRO program policy for more information

Tip: Choose a name that immediately tells buyers what you sell. For example, a straightforward name such as “Ben’s Computers” will be more helpful to buyers than a creative name such as “Zebra Park.” This will also help Web search engines find your Store when buyers are looking for the kinds of products you sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

An eBay Store is a comprehensive e-commerce solution that helps you get more out of the eBay marketplace and the millions of buyers worldwide who shop on eBay. 

  • eBay Store subscription plans vary on the basis of the eBay site you choose to open your eBay Store. For eg. On the subscription levels are Starter Store, Basic Store, Premium Store, Anchor Store and Enterprise Store. Know more
  • You can add your logo, billboard image and a description to give your Store a more professional finish. Learn how to customize your Store.
  • Yes, you can create Store categories to help organize your listings and display your items to buyers. Learn how to manage your Store categories.

You can create up to 300 Store categories. Your Store category total includes the sum of all level 1, level 2 and level 3 categories. For example, you could have 300 level 1 categories or 30 level 1 categories with 10 subcategories each. Please note: eBay automatically creates a default level 1 category named “Other Items” that can’t be edited and does count toward the 300 category limit.

  • Yes. You can get more listings with zero insertion fees and pay lower final value fees and additional business tools by upgrading your store to a higher level or change your renewal cycle to a yearly subscription, if you currently have a monthly subscription. Learn how to change your Store subscription level.
  • The features available under each eBay Store subscription vary due to the Store level chosen by you. Know more about eBay Store benefits 
  • Setting up your eBay Store is very easy and can be completed in just 3 simple steps. Visit the page here to know more.
  • While creating a new listing you need to choose the eBay Store  category for your listing. If you wish to add your existing listing(s), you can do so via the “Listing” tab in Seller Hub. You can edit individual listings to add or change a category.
  • As eBay is managing payments, you do not need to worry about payment methods for the purchases made by buyers. Click here to know about how to get paid by buyers.
  • Your eBay Store is well equipped with powerful tools and resources that help bring in more buyers from eBay, the internet and offline. Make sure that you list in the right format, make use of promotional strategies to cross promote your items, attract buyers by offering discounted pricing on your items with Promotions Manager, use new reporting that reveals buyer engagement on your newsletters and much more. 
  • Having an eBay Store setup has advantages over not having an eBay Store, These could be more free listings, lower insertion and Final Value fees, access to tools that help grow your business, building a brand, etc.  
  • Make sure you regular check your existing inventory to avoid out of stock cancellations. Regularly view and update listings as needed to avoid item not received situations. Keep a check on the quantity mentioned in the existing listings. Add variations in your listings to manage single listing with multiple quantities. Plan your listings on the basis of your inventory and seasonal trends. Conduct timely audits of your inventory to help identify any gaps  such as inventory shrinkage, inventory overstocking, inventory understocking etc and get them rectified.
  • With multiple benefits ranging from savings on eBay fees, developing your own brand, getting access to Promotions Manager to attract buyers, boost traffic and explore the market with tools that give insights, yes, it is worth having an eBay Store.
  • No. eBay Store subscription fees vary on the basis of the store subscription level and the site you choose to open your eBay Store on.