Pricing & Fee

We charge fees to list and sell, as well as optional fees for additional tools and services. Also note that the fees would vary depending on the eBay site you list your item.

Fees you’ll pay for selling on eBay are:

fixed price listings

Insertion Fees

  • Depending on the chosen category and listing format, insertion fee is basically charged for listing your item. Also, note that this fee will - vary depending on the eBay site you choose to list your item.

optional listing

Final value fees

  • When your item sells, you pay a final value fee. How much you pay varies by category and is calculated as a percentage of the cost of the final transaction, including postage. If you sell in 2 categories, you’ll pay the higher of the 2 final value fees.

  • If for some reason the buyer doesn't pay, you need to either cancel the sale or report it as an unpaid item in order to be eligible for a final value fee credit.

  • Learn more about the fees charged: Invoice Fees

optional listings

Store Selling Fees

  • Store subscribers gain benefits like inclusive listings, final value fee discounts, and access to reporting and marketing tools to grow your business.

  • The amount we charge for Store subscribers depends on the item's price, the format and category you choose for your listing, any optional listing upgrades you add, your Store subscription package, and your seller conduct and performance.

  • Also, keep in mind the store subscription fee would vary depending on the eBay site which you have chosen to subscribe for your shop.

  • Find out more about eBay shops and fees: Subscription & Fees

Find out more about listing your item: