What is International Gemological Institute?
International Gemological Institute (IGI) is the global leader for Jewellery assessment with unrivaled reach and experience. Renowned for grading diamonds and colored gemstones, IGI grades the widest variety of gemstones and Jewellery from around the world, including pearls, exotic carvings, fine Jewellery pieces and modern synthetics and simulants.

What is Gems and Jewellery Certificate (GJC) Program?
The GJC program is designed to test and grade Gemstone and Fine Jewellery sold by Indian sellers across global markets. The GJC program aims to strengthen India’s Jewellery industry while establishing eBay Cross Border Trade – India as the ultimate destination for fine Jewellery in global markets. Under this program, IGI offers its certification services to eBay sellers domiciled in India at discounted prices.

What are the benefits of IGI Certification?
- Certified Jewellery increases seller’s credibility among buyers in foreign markets
- Increased sales and lower return rate as buyers are more confident about quality
- Enables eBay sellers to get the discounted rates for IGI certification of their products

How to avail the benefits of the GJC Program?
- Sell your Gemstone and Fine Jewellery Items on eBay marketplace
- Apply and obtain IGI certification for such Fine Jewellery items
- Ship the certified Fine Jewellery items with the IGI certificate to buyers

Who can enroll in the GJC program?
- Only eBay Sellers who are domiciled in India and selling Fine Jewellery, Gemstones and Diamond across global markets through eBay marketplaces can enroll in the GJC program.

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