AD code

AD Code: Authorized Dealer Code

Authorised Dealer (AD) Code is a 14-digit numerical code provided by your bank branch where you are holding your business/current account.

Who should obtain an AD code:

AD Code is a mandatory document when you are exporting or importing goods to other countries. It is required during customs clearance of the goods without which shipping bill number will not be generated.  AD Code indicates that the foreign currency transactions in your bank account are by trading goods. An exporter has to register the AD Code at the port from where its goods are cleared by customs. In case you are exporting shipments from more than one custom ports, you will have to register the AD Code at each and every custom port.

Benefits of AD Code:

  • Receive Government benefits directly to your current bank account

Required Documents to obtain AD Code:

  • The letter requesting for AD code
  • IEC (Import Export Code) copy
  • PAN card copy
  • GST Registration details
  • Export House Certificate (non-compulsory)

*Note :  Please check with the bank, the requisite documents can vary from bank to bank.

AD code Registration:

The AD Code will be provided by your bank at which you are holding your current account.

Here’s the procedure at a glance:

  • Open a current account with the specific bank
  • Write a letter (in specified format of the bank) to your bank requesting to issue the AD Code for your business/current account
  • Your bank will process the request and issue the 14-digit AD Code
  • Upon receipt of the AD Code, you need to register it in the customs. You may seek help of a CHA (Customs House Agent) to register your AD Code with customs.
  • Once your registration is processed successfully, all your details will appear on the ICEGATE
  • You can register your AD Code and bank account through ICEGATE. To know more, click here.