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5 Tips to Sell Products Globally During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Mmalviya@wp


It is definitely not the right time to sit and wait for better days. There are new opportunities around you that need attention. As per a survey by Mckinsey & Company, global consumer behaviour has drastically shifted towards households and everyday essentials.

A seller needs to learn actionable tips and ideas to sell the products globally during the pandemic, know about some of the in-demand products, factors to keep in mind to overcome these challenging times. 

Products in Demand During COVID-19

Following are some product suggestions that will surely propel your selling business whether you are into selling globally, dropshipping, or retail business:    

Masks and Gloves: 

As per WHO directions, people are required to wear masks and gloves to avert infection during the global turmoil. It is the reason why sales of gloves have increased both online and offline. These products are going to stay in demand for a long time.   


Even during the pandemic, there has been a colossal jump in the sales of groceries. This is a category whose demand will never end as an essential supply.

Hand Sanitizer:

If the biggest sellers are making millions of dollars from products in this category, you must make your move. There is no hidden secret that a hand sanitizer is an in-demand product to sell globally.

Home Products:

The term “new normal” has lately been utilized, and a vital aspect of it is work from home. If people have to sit at home 24 x 7, they would need items that will enable them to work comfortably from home, such as laptop tables, PC accessories, chargers, etc.

Hand Soap: 

The most effortless approach to avoid virus transmission — and, in particular, coronavirus — is to clean your hands frequently. And that’s why you want hand soap.

Selling Online Is Advantageous

No place is as safe as the internet during the pandemic. Selling on the internet means you have no legwork to do and follow social distancing. The online market is the only way to get noticed globally, and you can sell your products to almost any corner of the world. Taking your products online seems like a win-win for you as you don’t have to incur the additional cost of knick-knacks.

5 Tips to Sell Products Globally During Pandemic

Here are 5 tips to help you sell the products online for more revenue:

1. Re-Explore the Products You Are Selling

It would be best if you will not consider selling the products that are no longer valuable to your customers during the pandemic.

For instance, you may be selling camping accessories but due to the outbreak, travel and camping are limited, so you may not be able to sell them. 

To adjust and mitigate revenue loss risks, you may try to sell the product that makes people’s life easy at home.  

2. Plan Ahead

Look at what your business is doing and identify some key points, location, and the right time to sell products online without any hassle.

3. Contact Your Manufacturers

Be aware of your supply chain facets so that you don’t find it hard to keep on selling your products due to supply chain volatility.

As per a study by Selligent (Please Add no follow attribute to this link) in July 2020 based on 5,000 customers in North America and Europe, 36% of the respondents buy products online every week.

The numbers have upped by 28% before COVID-19, which offers Omnichannel services to businesses, particularly store brands. So, it’s time to cash this opportunity to get more buyers than ever.

4. Evaluate Your Consumer Needs

One successful mantra that works when selling the products to global buyers is considering your ideal customer – what is their present situation?  

Are they working from home, working as essential staff on front lines, or being laid off? What are their basic needs and concerns?

5. Connect More to Sell More

It’s the time when companies have realized the power of communication through social networking. Your company must interact with the customers regularly, even during the outbreak. 

Research by 4 A’s  reveals that 43% of customers find it nice to hear from the companies they recognize and trust.  

The more you connect; the better your business prospects will be. And, it will become relatively easy to sell products online to either existing or new buyers you connected with recently. 


You can make the most out of this challenging situation by fulfilling current consumer needs, engaging consistently, preparing the right way, and adapting communication campaigns.

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